Color Printing and Pantone

Colors exact attitude and moods. They are essential in a way that they give off meaning and feelings. This is also true with the printing systems.

The two common color printing systems used in printing services are Pantone and CMYK. Let us tackle them one by one.

Pantone Matching System (PMS), Spot color or Pantone color is a color system based on a set of inks which are mixed to produce solid colors. These colors are now used in printing your job order. The colors here are mixed prior to mixing thus, they are more accurate and consistent all throughout the printing job. Also, Pantone colors can be ‘screened’. This means that fewer dots of color are used per inch therefore, the color emerge lighter. Pantone colors are indispensable when it comes to logos, stationery packages and the likes. This is especially true if the customer is interested in exacting the accurate color in the original image.

The use of Pantone colors in printing services is expensive compared to CMYK. This is the reason why the use of Pantone colors is limited up to three colors only. However, Pantone colors on your logo, graphics or your corporate color ensures that exact colors can be yielded.

Cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) colors also known as 4 color printing or process color printing uses the four ink colors in order to yield tiny dots referred to as screen or line screen. These dots contain tiny rainbow of colors. This is the reason why it can produce a full range of color. Thus, when your printing needs demand a wider color application, you can opt for 4 color printing.

4 color printing services is less expensive than Pantone color printing. If you further want lesser expense then go for CMYK digital printing instead of 4 color printing. Nonetheless, the colors, thickness of paper and types in digital printing are oftentimes limited. They are dependent on the printing machine’s capabilities and specifications.

A word of caution in using 4 color printing: Do not expect to yield metallics and very bright colors. Most often than not, these colors vary depending on the printer’s range, calibration and colors to be printed. Moreover, color accuracy may not be that exact. To expand the range of colors, use Pantone colors alternatively or go for a six or seven color printing. That way, you are not that limited in the choice of printing colors.