Ex Scientology

4 Reasons Why Ex-Scientology Members Wont Recommend Their Previous Religion To You

Practicing a specific religion is one of the universally recognized inalienable rights. Unless you are living in a country where people don’t have the option for religion, you have the freedom to choose and practice your own religion. Included in your thousands of options is the religious cult called Scientology.

But is it really an option? According to ex-members of the religion, it is not. They have been there and have done everything that the cult told them to do and they came out dissatisfied. Why ex-scientology members find their previous religion revolting? Here are some of the reasons they will give you.

It is not a true religion, it is a money-making machine.
L. Ron Hubbard and his religion is out there to get you…and your money. Even if you have plenty to spend, Scientology is still a very poor option. According to ex-members, the religion will drain you until you have sold your estate, your car, and even yourself. There is no limit to how much it will take from you because it will strip you off of your possessions.

If the ex-members are not credible enough, you better look up the courts‘ rulings on Scientology in many countries and states. At Los Angeles Superior Court, for example, Judge Breckenridge ruled that the religious cult is „a vast enterprise to extract maximum amount of money“ from its members. The son of the religion’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard Jr., claimed to the same thing with many other members who have seen the true side of the religion.

It is a trap.
Once you’re in, you can never get out. If you try, you’ll suffer innumerable threats, you’ll get framed for criminal acts you didn’t commit, you and your family will be harassed and basically, your civil rights will be violated and taken away from you. This is an organization’s policy, it is called ‚fair game‘ policy. It is, simply put, a policy that tries to do everything the organization could possibly do to silence anyone who attempts to give it bad publicity. It is also applicable to any member that tries to pull out.

It takes away your freedom.
The religion is bent on attacking its members and the general public’s freedom of speech. In one of the religion’s scriptural texts, the ‚Introduction to Scientology Ethics‘, any criticism, anti-Scientology texts, letters and speeches, and even testifying publicly against the religious cult are categorized as ‚Suppressive Acts‘. These are high crimes and are punishable according to the laws of the religion.

Further, while at the outset, the religion seems to give its members the freedom to make their own decisions in terms of their beliefs, once a person becomes a member, all this are gone. Forget about the promises of the freedom to subscribe to your own religion beliefs. Forget about the promise of Scientology’s compatibility with other religions. Once you get in, all this are no more.

It disconnects you from your family and the rest of the world.
It is not uncommon to hear members who can’t talk or be with their families. Scientology has a disconnection policy that orders to stop all communications with one’s family members or friends if any of them are antagonistic against the religion or has expressed anything against Scientology.