Points You Should Consider Before Having A Custom Flag Made

To get the best price for you.

1. Size: This makes a difference to the price. Think what your flags will be used for – if they are going to be used for promotion, give always etc. then low grade polyester will be perfect. Smaller sized flags will be cheaper than larger ones but select the size dependent on the purpose for the flags.

2. Quantity: This is always a major factor in price. The more you order the cheaper the flag – this is mainly due to labour costs. It’s just as quick to make 5 flags as it is 1. So when asking for a quote for 1 flag it is suggested to request 5 flags. You will be surprised at the savings you can make.

3. Colour: This is important for a custom flag price. Assume you have 3 colours – red, green and grey in your logo – if your are looking to have 10 custom flags made it would be better to have them screen printed rather than digitally printed. With screen printing there is a film for each colour and those films can be reused several times. However, digital printing is carried out by machine and results in the use of more colour. While it is cheaper to print 1 flag using the digital print method, it depends on the design and colours chosen. If your design is full colour then digital may only be the option you have.

4. Location/Material: The location of where the flag is to be flown will determine the materials best suited. Take into consideration the types of conditions your flag with endure. If you want your flag to last, there’s no point in having your flag made with lower grades of polyester if your flag will be flown in extreme weather conditions.

5. Ply: Flags can be 1ply or 3ply depending on what you need your flags to do. 1ply flags are printed on 1 side with the image bleeding through to the other side with about 90% reverse see through. A 3ply flag is virtually 2 flags printed separately and then stitched together using a middle liner to stop the see through effect.

Remember these few points – size, quantity, colour/s, location, material and ply are all important factors to be considered when requesting the best quote on the custom flags required.