Sale Thieves

Many successful marketers began their careers as children setting up a lemonade stand or selling newspapers. Years of experience and exposure to more mature and intricate marketing techniques change a lot of things, but there is one aspect that is no different between selling glasses of lemonade and Internet marketing… customers have the power to decide whether or not to buy your product.

Yeah, the products and marketing methods are changing constantly, but the driving force that motivates sales remains unchanged… so do the 4 things that steal sales right out from under your nose.

1. The „I don’t need it“ attitude.
Let’s face it… need has little to do with what people buy or don’t buy in the American culture. Want has everything to do with whether they do or don’t buy. The most crucial aspect of getting a high number of sales is targeting the right market. It does little good to advertise to people who really aren’t interested.

What are you advertising? Where are you advertising? These two questions go hand in hand. If you’re trying to sell hunting gear, it would make little sense to target mothers with small children. Sure a FEW of them hunt, but your return for the cost of advertising is going to be pretty low. Pay attention to what your target audience reads, and invest your advertising bucks wisely.

2. The „I can’t afford it“ attitude.
In a few rare cases, that may be true, but usually „I can’t afford it“ can be interpreted as, It’s not high on my list of priorities.“ We can usually find the money for the things we really want.

Go ahead and MAKE your product or service a priority. Dramatize the benefits they’ll experience, sweeten the deal until it’s irresistible, and put a deadline on it. Make it „too good to pass up!“

3. The „I’m in no hurry“ attitude.
Procrastination is criminal in the marketing world. Yeah, procrastination steals money right out of our pockets! The customer comes… he sees… he wants… but when he puts it off, he never does get around to buying!

What happens in the short time after he walks out without the purchase? Time quietly fades the emotions that were driving the sale, and the desire to shell out the dinero for your product soon fades away entirely.

Don’t let them leave without making the purchase. Now you can’t put a gun to their head and force them to buy, but you can make a deadline on the special. A „take it or leave it“ offer just might inspire the procrastinator to act now.

4. The „I don’t trust you“ attitude.
Buying is risky business, and most people fear making a foolish investment more than they fear never getting the product. You can allay those fears simply by implementing a few tactics that evoke trust and confidence for the buyer.

Offer an unconditional money back guarantee. You’ll effectively eliminated the risk factor that holds many consumers back.

Use testimonials to let prospective customers know that you do deliver, and a satisfied customer can say it way better than you ever could.

Be open to communication. Hey, when they know someone is willing to answer any question they have, the uncertainty evaporates.

Don’t let these four thieves steal any more of your profits. Deal with them effectively… get them out of the way!