Search engine type for your Internet business

According to research 80% of people searching website using search engine, therefore search engine still the best way for you to generate traffic. You need to put your website into search engine.

One of the great advantages of search engine for your internet business, it can bring you a large amount of targeted traffic to your website. Some of them will not cost you a cent, but some of them will cost you a dollar. It is depend on what search engine do you use.

Search engine will become very powerful for your business if you can put your website in the top 50, but it will be useless if your website listed further down. Because people will not see the result more than 50 result.

In this article, I want to explain about 4 different search engines that you can use to generate traffic for your website. They are…
1. Directory
2. Crawler search engine
3. PPC search engine
4. Meta search engine

Directory sometimes called a category database. This directory will list all website inside category. This kind of search engine will edited by human, it means there are some directory admin will check your submission to this directory. They may accept or reject your website if they feel your website is not appropriate to the category that directory has.

When you submit your website to directory, you just need to enter your title, description and keywords. Some of directories will not ask you to enter keywords. You also need to select category you want it. The example of directory is yahoo.

Crawler search engine also known as spider or robots. This search engine use small software that will jump between websites called as crawler. This crawler will look for new website 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.

For crawler search engine, you do not need to submit your title, description and keywords. This crawler will index your website automatically. You just need to submit your URL and crawler will come to your site and index every thing they need.

PPC search engine stand for pay per click search engine. This kind of search engine will ask you to pay them to use it. Mostly, they will cost you minimum 1 cent until 5 cent. However PPC search engine will list your website depend on how much you want to pay them in particular keywords. If you want to pay them more than other competitor that use the same keywords, you will be listed on the top.

Before you use PPC search engine, you need to add some deposit. Then your deposit will decrease when someone click on your link.

Meta search engine is search engine that collect result from multiply search engine simultaneously. You don’t need to submit to Meta search engine since they use result of the major search engine.

Meta search engine will rank your website by calculated combination of ranking of all search engines that they use. So the key to have high rank in Meta search engine, you need to ensure that your website listed in all crawler search engine.