Things Everyone Ought To Know About Promotional Products

The unique power of promotional products is the ability to place targeted marketing messages in front of people during their everyday lives in a manner which produces less waste than traditional marketing methods, but keeps the messages top of mind with prospects.

A broad definition of a promotional item is as follows: any useful item which contains branding (like a logo, marketing message or contact information). The meanings of ‘useful’ and ‘branding’ have been stretched and expanded over the years, but the idea remains relatively simple.

For example, Google typically gives out tech-y items which are not necessarily related directly to their business. Some examples include: a mini-fridge, a lava-lamp, or a digital picture frame. These items are intended less for direct-response generation, and more to enforce their brand as a chic, retro-cool organization.

There are four attributes that your promotional products must possess in order to be successful:

Your promotional gifts must have four specific attributes to be successful:

1. They must feature an effective marketing message:
The call to action is one of the most overlooked attributes of a promotional product.

2. Audiences must be carefully selected for targeting and qualification:
Businesses just can’t afford to market to everyone. The goal is to get your promotional gifts into the hands of trusted and prominent industry personas.

3. Promotional items must be audience-appropriate:
The best case scenario of a mismatched product is no response, and the worst is negative PR! Imagine sending a sausage and cheese gift basket to a vegan group…

4. Timing is everything:
Even if your product, message and audience selection are perfect, it all falls apart with improper timing. The only difference between a grandfather clock and a log is timing!

Partnering with a person or firm who is experienced in the world of promotional products is a great shortcut to making sure these four objectives are fulfilled. Experience is the key to producing a well-timed, targeted, appropriate and effective promotional gift.