Tips For Finding A Successful Home Business

Ok, you have scoured the internet for a business opportunity that is going to make you that dream income. You know it’s out there; you just need to find it. But which ones are good and which ones are bad? How do you know? What are the signs to success with a home business?

No matter where you go on the World Wide Web, everyone seems to say “I have found what is going to make you successful”. But without some extensive research and a little insight on how the whole web thing works you just might find yourself loosing a lot of money and time. I mean do these people actually think we are going to put trust in something or someone that promises me to be making 10,000 dollars the first month in business?

That’s a little far fetched if you ask me. No doubt, in some really rare instances it has happened but could it really happen to you? In my years of trial and error, I have found that it does not happen over night and you do have to put in effort to get paid for it. So that seems to help you weed out a few thousand opportunities. So, what next?

For one it would be good to ask “how long has the company been in business?” I know there are companies out there that haven’t been around long and you would just have to take a gamble that they are all they say they are, but there are some other ways to “test” them. One thing to look for: Do they provide a phone number for you to contact them? This may sound simple, but just do a little research for yourself and see how many actually provide you with a number! And yes some will give a number but you can never talk to a real person. It does make a huge difference.

Next, what about the product? How big is the market for it? Is it consumable? Is it a product you can believe in and truly “love” to share with others? These are some great questions show the “signs to success”. First of all let’s say you find a product that everyone is buying and it is consumable (which means it can be used up and orders will need to be repeated) ok you seem to have found it, but you decide that I don’t really like it myself but since there is such a huge market for it and it’s consumable I think I can do this. Do you really think you can sell something you don’t truly love? I have tried it already and it made me hate the opportunity I was in just like having a job I hated! Who wants that? So finding something you feel good about promoting is a very good “sign” to look for.

Ok now you have found your perfect company with a perfect product. Now what? Another good thing to check for is the cost to become a member of that opportunity. I know the old saying: “you get what you pay for” and while that does ring true in so many cases, it’s not always the case in this business. For instance, I paid $3,500 to join a business and they didn’t even provide a product! I had to find one for myself! You would think it would have been a great opportunity since it cost so much but not in that case! I found one that was free to join and the company disappeared after I first looked into it. So it can really be a matter of investigating the company further.

What about a compensation plan? Well we all know the “pyramid” schemes and how they only make the top spot rich. So how do you know the difference? For one Multi Level marketing, at first glance appears to be a pyramid, but after you understand how it works, you will see that it works to better anyone who puts in the hard work, not just the lead guy! And yes I did say “hard work”. It won’t just happen for you; you have to make it work. Although you can find opportunities that will work with just a good product, I recommend you finding one that provides a great comp plan.

For instance I joined a company that had a comp plan that only allowed you to enroll 6 people in top spots and after that you had to put people under other people. That was bad because you were practically giving your hard work away! There are companies that allow unlimited top spots and pay down 8 levels! So you make the most out of what you give in!

Finally a good “sign to success” is a good support and mentoring team. Not one that just claims to have one but who actually put it in motion! How many jobs have you had that just put you out there and said “do it” without any training? Of course it’s in the best interest of the owner to train you to do your job. It works the same in internet home business opportunities. You want to find someone who has been successful and is willing to teach you how to do it too! Some things to look for are: Do they provide team meetings via telephone? Do they have training calls available every week? Can you contact them with questions? Do they have annual conferences?

Although these are just some great guidelines, not all companies will have every one in place and still be a great opportunity. So just get out there and do some research for your self you will find pretty quickly that they all pretty much fall into the same categories. Just keep in mind: “if they promise big things in a short time”, it is probably too good to be true!