Tips On Credit Card Consolidation

Here are some great tips on credit card consolidation to help you manage your debts more effectively.

1) Draw up a financial budget. Yes I know it is boring but you will never be able to get out of debt until you know exactly how much you earn and what you spend your money on. In order to get a true picture you need to keep a spending diary for a month. Write down every cent that you spend. This is the only way you will be able to find those holes in your spending that need to be plugged. It will also highlight areas that you could cut back on in order to release money to pay towards reducing your debts.

2) You need to make a list of all of your creditors stating their name, your account number, the total amount you owe, the minimum monthly payment and the interest rate you currently pay.

3) Now you have your financial budget and the list of your debts, you can see how much extra a month you can afford to start paying to eliminate your debt. While you are completing this exercise you should keep your minimum monthly payments going.

4) If your accounts are up to date and you have an excellent record with these credit card companies, ring them up and ask them if they can do you a special deal on the interest rate you are paying. You may be pleasantly surprised when they say yes. The lower the interest rate, the more of your money will go to reducing your debts. They may ask you to move your other debts to their card in return for a great deal. This may be the best way to achieve credit card consolidation but don’t jump into anything just yet.

Ask them to confirm the deal in writing making sure that they confirm the charges and the percentage minimum monthly payment you will be expected to make. You can then review these offers and pick the best one for you. Don’t always go for the lowest interest rate. 0% over 6 months is great but 2% over 24 months is better if your financial budget has indicated this is how long it will take to clear your debts.

5) If your current creditors won’t help, don’t be tempted to take out a loan secured on your property to repay these debts. This is one of the last solutions you want to do as effectively you are giving your creditors more protection and yourself less. The best bet before you enter into any form of consolidation is to speak to a qualified advisor first. Don’t pay for this advice as plenty of charities will provide it for free. Remember you are on a mission to cut your spending in order to get out of debt.

I hope that these 5 tips on credit card consolidation will help you to repay your debts faster.