Tips On How Using Article Writing Can Be Used To Strengthen Your Marketing Arsenal

Readers on the internet nowadays, seem to be starved for information especially free information. Blog and Ezine publishers are constantly on the look out for good, original and informative articles they can add to their websites or ezine publications.

Article writers therefore have an open source of hungry readers and publishers ready to pick up their written masterpieces. The article writers have the capacity via the authors profile and signature line to advertise their primary business websites though hyper-linked key words so attaining free and targeted internet promotion for their websites.

In many cases an article can be written within a few hours, and can easily be viewed by many hundreds if not thousands of eyes over it’s lifetime. Articles have a long life span, and assuming you have chosen to write the article yourself, it is a very effective form of free advertising imparting yourself as a knowledgeable expert in your field of writing as well as giving publicity to your primary business.

You may also hire ghost writers, or if you are more comfortable speaking an article, you can hire transcribers who will put your spoken words into written form, easing the labor for you.

4 tips to help you produce better articles are:

Choose Your Headline Wisely.

Readers like to read words like tips, secrets and free preferably all in the same headline. Do not overdo your headline with too many irrelevant key words. You may get your article published but you may not attract as many readers as you may have done using words which promote a strong benefit to the reader.

Make The Content Interesting.

You should at least know something about your subject, but spend at least a little time on doing some research on your subject and the results will be superior. You do not need to be a literary genius, but check your grammar, spelling and have a friend proof read your work before making the mistake of submitting your blooper for all posterity.

Linking To Your Website.

The benefit an article writer has in submitting his work is that the publishers will allow a signature line, profile or resource box about the author. It is best to write in the 3rd person when writing about yourself. Hyper-linking your website to appropriate key words is the trick to get the search engines to notice you. Whether you use an article submission software or do it manually, keep track of the articles you have written and the number of hits to your websites. You can also use the technique of using differing keywords that are appropriate for your website, so building internet traffic to your website using alternative search terms. Check that your links are working before you submit your work.

Have Fun.

Article writing can be a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. Read other articles to get ideas, read the newspapers and watch the news. In time you will find inspiration for your next literary work in the most unusual places. Originality is the key. Your article content can be checked quickly for duplication, so keep away from removing content away from others.