Tips To Having Excellent Communication In Your Daycare

One of the biggest reasons for parent dissatisfaction is lack of communication. It’s extremely important in any small business and especially in family daycare. Remember daycare centers are taking care of a persons must valuable asset, their child. So it only goes to show that a parent is concerned about the level and commitment of care that they are receiving from a daycare provider. Communication is of such importance, not only does it show that you care about your clients, but also that you are a professional in the daycare industry.

1. When a parent comes at the end of the day to pick up their child, always start out a conversation with positive information. If there is anything negative to say about a child place that information in the middle of a conversation. So in other words, start with positive comments, than negative, and always end in positive.

2. When interviewing parents for enrollment to your daycare, always ask many questions regarding a families habits and patterns. What do they enjoy doing on weekend, what are their concerns regarding childcare, what are they looking for? Really try to find out what kind of family your customer is and what their needs are. Chances are you will be better off filling their needs if you know who they are from the very beginning.

3. Establish your rules and guidelines from the beginning. Having a contract stating your rules and regulations establishes a boundary in your business. So many times I hear from other daycare owners that parents do not respect their wishes. From the start you need to set the rules and boundaries, if you don’t parents may take advantage of you.

4. Always give parents enough time and warning. If you plan on closing your daycare, raising your prices, or making any type of change give your parents enough time. Many people do not do well with change so it’s always important to give them more than enough time to make the appropriate changes.

5. Once a year do a survey in your daycare. Find out if your parents are happy and what kind of improvements they are looking for. The more information you find out about your parents and what they want the better off you will be. Make sure that the survey is anonymous so that parents are not afraid to tell you their thoughts and opinions.