Tips To Increase Website Traffic For Your Mlm Business

An aggressive linking strategy can deliver repeated website traffic for your MLM business.

Getting your site on as many major internet „intersections“ as possible, when you target the correct markets, will deliver ongoing website traffic to your MLM business. The repeated exposure will help:

1. Increase the Google page rank of your site

2. Increase the website traffic received when users do organic searches

3. Increase your exposure and visibility as an expert in your niche

Most important now is the relevance of your links. It is all about quality, not quantity. Link swapping, which was once very popular and widespread, has become almost obsolete.

An ideal link has these properties:

1. It originates from the home page of a high ranking web site related to the topic of your site

2. The proper keywords are contained in the anchor text of the link

3. There are only a few outgoing links on the the page your inbound link is coming from

Assuming your links adhere to these rules, here are a few more requirements to increase the effectiveness of your links in driving website traffic to your MLM business:

1. The more high ranking relevant sites that link to yours, the better

2. The more closely the content of those sites relates to the content of yours, the better

Here are five key steps for your link-building strategy:

1. Submit your site to the Web Directories.

For example, visit these 3 sites and submit your website:

There are thousands of sites just like the 3 listed above that allow you to add your site to their directory for FREE. Do a Google search for „add your link“ This will definitely help increase website traffic for your MLM business.

2. Give away free content

Another effective method for increasing website traffic for your MLM business is to write quality original articles that other people can post on their blogs, newsletters and websites.

Your articles should always contain a resource box with a link to your website. If you are marketing an affiliate program, never use the affiliate url in your resource box. Instead, purchase a good domain nameand redirect it to your affiliate url.

3. Request links from other site owners with relevant sites Although this method is not as effective as it once was, it will still result in increased website traffic to your MLM business.

4. Provide testimonials to other website owners When your testimonials are published, it adds more credibility to your links.

5. Purchase ezine and newspaper ads This can be a quick way to expose a targeted audience to your link and get a fast influx of website traffic for your MLM business.

The person whose site has the most quality, relevant links wins the internet marketing game. Your goal is not just to increase website traffic but to also increase sign ups and sales. So make sure to use all of the methods for marketing your business online to achieve reliable and lasting results.