Ways To Surprise Your Boyfriend

If you are looking for a way to surprise your boyfriend on his birthday, you may find that you are out of ideas that will actually surprise him. If you are trying to find ideas for someone who is not surprised easily, use these four tips. Using these ideas will keep your boyfriend guessing without revealing the actual surprise.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can easily be one of the best ways to surprise a boyfriend. You can vary the size of the scavenger hunt, depending on your motivation and preferences. If you want a simple hunt, put clues all around your house or property. If you want to make a larger scavenger hunt, try to place clues in well-hidden public areas. Incorporate some of his favorite places into the scavenger hunt.

You can also create a scavenger hunt that asks your boyfriend to find specific items. Create a list of some of your favorite things (as in the favorite things of you both as a couple), and ask him to find them or take a picture of them.

Surprise Party

If you want to surprise someone for their birthday, you should have a surprise birthday part for them. This surprise party will catch them off guard, as they may not be expecting a party full of their family and friends. To keep the surprise going, simply tell your boyfriend that you are planning a special night for two for his birthday.

Hidden Tickets to a Game or Concert

If you have a boyfriend that is a super-fan for a band or for a sports team, consider tickets to a game or concert. To surprise them, hide the tickets somewhere where they will find them on their own. Place them in their wallet, or in the refrigerator. They will be surprised to find the tickets, and will be surprised again when they see what the tickets are for.

A Surprising Night on the Town

If you want to keep your boyfriend surprise special and romantic, plan a night on the town. Plan out all of your stops before the actual day of the surprise. Make sure that you drive for this surprise so that your boyfriend will stay oblivious to the next location. It can be fun to be driven around a town, taken to some of your favorite places. It can also be fun to be driven around a new town or area, taken to new and interesting places.

These different ideas will work for different surprises. You need to think about the surprise, and the method that will work best for it. While certain surprises would work with a scavenger hunt, others will work best as a surprising night on the town. Simply think about your surprise, and the best way to keep it a secret. This thought process will generally lead you to the best choice possible.